Hosted in the College of Sciences and Health Professions the CSU Physics Department provides a high quality, affordable, and flexible education. Alumni of the department are highly successful in obtaining employment at leading institutions (e.g. NASA, Intel, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, UH, GE, Philips, CERN, National Renewable Energy Lab) and prestigious graduate programs (e.g. John Hopkins U., Carnegie Mellon U., CWRU, Caltech).

The department provides extensive opportunities for student engagement. These include faculty coordinated research, involvement in teaching activities, and a nationally recognized chapter of the Society of Physics Students (SPS). The later provides leadership, paticipation in the student life, networking and service opportunities for interested students.

Department Highlights:

  • Degree offerings: Minor; Bachelor of Arts (BA); Bachelor of Science (BS and BS Honors); Master of Science (MS - two tracks: Optics & Materials and Medical Physics); Certificate in Medical Physics.
  • Among the highest number of bachelor degrees awarded among all the public universities in Northeast Ohio.
  • No.3 in Ohio for the number of Physics MS degrees awarded.
  • Host of a National Science Foundation sponsored site for Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) since 2017.
  • More than $4M in external funding for research projects that involve undergraduate students through grants from NSF, DOE, NIH, Research Corporation in the last twelve years.
  • Award wining chapter of Society of Physics Students (SPS): 9 Marsh White Awards from the American Institute of Physics for science outreach; distinguished as Outstanding  SPS Chapter (top 1-3%) for more than 10 years.
  • In the last decade two of the University Valedictorians where Physics majors. 
  • The MS program in Medical Physics is the only CAMPEP accredited graduate program in Northeast Ohio. Along with the University of Toledo and the University of Cincinnati programs, it is the only other accredited program of its kind in Ohio.
  • The Graduate Certificate in Medical Physics program is the only CAMPEP accredited program in Ohio.