Student Travel

If you plan to travel to attend a conference, there are a number of forms you must fill out.  These forms must be completed prior to travel:

  1. CSU Travel Authorization (This form should be initiated by your department and must be signed by the department head)
  2. College of Sciences & Health Professions Travel Pre-Authorization

If you are are requesting funds/student travel award from the College of Sciences and Health Professions Dean’s Office (available to undergraduate and graduate COSHP students) you must complete this form:

  1. Application Form for COSHP Travel Funds

Graduate students may apply for funds from the College of Graduate Studies.  Please note that this is a matching award so you must have funds committed from your department and the College.  You must also include proof that your abstract has been accepted for presentation (either poster or oral).

  1. Graduate Student Conference Travel Fund Request

At least three weeks prior to travel, all forms should first be submitted to your department for account numbers, signatures and other pertinent information.  Then the entire packet goes to the College of Sciences and Health Professions Dean’s Office, SR 353.  If applying for funds from the College of Graduate Studies, the forms will be sent to Toni May in Graduate Studies and will be returned to Sandy Justin in the Dean’s office.  Sandy will send an email confirming any travel awards received along with some other information about the travel reimbursement process.  The forms will be sent back to your department.

After travel is completed students should provide receipts and fill out page 2 (Travel Expense Report section) of the CSU Travel Authorization form with the help of the department secretary/administrative assistant.  The forms then go the Dean’s office for final approval and back to the department for processing reimbursement.  A reimbursement check will be sent to your home address.