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One of the most exciting aspects of social psychological research is the collaborative process of studying mental processes and behaviors. Following an existential philosophical tradition, summarized nicely by the Pulitzer Prize-winning writings of Ernest Becker, we are particularly passionate about learning how the human condition can affect social behaviors, as well as applying what we learn to better understand the nature of various cultural beliefs and healthy/unhealthy behaviors.

As a student researcher, you can directly contribute to some cutting-edge research in social psychology. You can expect to work closely with a knowledgeable team of researchers who will provide you with training, guidance, and resources to conduct empirical experimental research studies. The research skills you will learn in this lab can be generalized across a broad range of disciplines that employ the experimental method, and may serve you well in a variety of fields of research. Additionally, working in a productive research lab looks great on your resume and potential graduate school applications, can prepare you for a future research position, and… it can be fun!

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