Existential Psychology: India

India Group for
Existential Psychological Science Research

Gustav Klimt, 1905, Tree of Life


The India Group for Existential Psychological Science Research (IXP) is a collaborative network of researchers, founded in June 2018 by Madhwa S. Galgali (IND) and Kenneth E Vail III (USA).

The IXP conducts research addressing existential psychological concerns involving motivation, the self, and challenges of “being” in the world. Broadly, that means investigating the cultural and personal consequences of humans’ awareness of life and death; identity formation and maintenance; freedom and autonomy; feelings of isolation; and strivings for a sense of guiding meaning and significance.

The IXP has the mission of training researchers and advancing existential psychological science in India. IXP includes officers, members, and volunteers, and is open to:

  • Undergraduate and graduate students
  • Full-time and part-time faculty
  • Researchers and other professionals

who are interested in gaining research training, building experience, and engaging in international collaboration on research projects in existential psychology.

Participation in IXP is beneficial for developing research skills and building academic resumes (curriculum vitae), seeking graduate school and other research opportunities, and—of course—addressing the fascinating research questions at the center of existential psychological science.

Interested individuals are invited to contact any existing IXP officer or member to inquire about participating/joining; further information may be downloaded         

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