Undergraduate Advising

Welcome to the Psychology Department’s Undergraduate Advising Page! Here, we’ll post information on how to obtain advice about the Psychology program requirements as well as about careers in psychology.

Quick Advice

Consider downloading and reading the Psychology Department’s PDF icon 2021-2022 Department of Psychology Undergraduate Program Handbook. It contains a lot of the answers to questions that students frequently ask.


Scheduling a Meeting with an Advisor

To get advice about careers in psychology or about graduate school in psychology, you should talk to a faculty advisor – particularly one whose interests are close to the type of career or graduate school you are interested in. To find out what our faculty are interested in, check out our faculty profiles. Once you’ve identified a few potential faculty advisors, you should schedule a time to meet with them.   Fall office hours for our faculty are here:  PDF icon Fall 2021 Advising Schedule

To get advice about what courses you need to take, please use Starfish to schedule an appointment with a Psychology Department Advisor. Within Starfish, please schedule with “Psychology Department” rather than with a specific advisor such as Dr. Horvath.  Instructions:  Scheduling an Advising Appointment through Starfish


Interested in taking CSU courses at Lakeland or Lorain County Community College campuses?  Click here for more information.


Lakeland and Lorain Community College Campuses

When you check the schedule, you will see that the locations of some courses are listed as “LORAIN” or “LAKELAND.” These are CSU courses but they’re offered on the Lorain and Lakeland campuses. As a CSU student you may register for these courses if they are available (for some of these courses, we may give priority registration to individuals who are enrolled in our Partnership programs with these colleges).

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