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Adult Development and Aging (Ph.D.)

Current Students

Students and their primary faculty advisors are listed below.

First Year Cohort
  • Lucas Hamilton (Cleveland; Dr. Allard)
  • Katy Zeltinger (Cleveland; Dr. Judge)
  • Michelle Hughes (Akron; Dr. Allen)
  • Cassie Richards (Akron; Dr. Stanley)
  • Michael Vale (Akron; Dr. Bisconti)
Second Year Cohort
  • Jenni Turner (Akron; Dr. Stanley)
Third Year Cohort
  • Suzanne Beans (Akron; Dr. Bisconti)
  • Peter Mallik (Akron; Dr. Allen)
  • Halley Cooper-Shumway (Akron; Dr. Stanley)


Fourth Year Cohort
  • Elliott Jardin (Cleveland; Dr. Allen)
  • Samantha Tuft (Cleveland; Dr. McLennan)
  • Britney Webster (Akron; Dr. Stanley)


Fifth Year Cohort
  • Maria Donaldson (Cleveland; Dr. Allard)
  • Katherine Harrington (Akron/Cleveland; Dr. Stearns and Dr. Judge)
  • Xuan Li (Akron; Dr. Allen)
  • Evan Shelton (Cleveland; Dr. Judge)


ADA Graduate Student Handbook

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