Psychology Research & Laboratories

Psychology Research & Laboratories

  • ACE lab team Fall 2015
  • Analysis of facial movements
  • Setting up an experiment

At present, Psychology Department faculty members direct at least 10 active research programs and laboratories. Collectively, research in the Psychology Department aims to understand the mind, behavior, and mental health.

Our faculty are outstanding scholars, including several nationally and internationally recognized experts in a variety of areas. Their work is collectively advancing the field of psychological science with basic and applied research, spanning many of the major domains of psychological study, such as:

  • Cognition and action control
  • Language processing and word perception
  • The neuroscience of learning and memory
  • Social cognition and behavior
  • Mood and emotion regulation
  • Basic and applied organizational processes
  • School-based service models
  • Adult development and aging
  • Dementia and mental health
  • Culturally competent leadership

This ongoing departmental research has significant potential to improve our understanding of the specific cognitive mechanisms, social processes, and physiological developments that impact our daily mental lives and psychological health.

Please follow the Departmental Research & Laboratories links for more information about our faculty-directed research programs and labs (or, if you would like a quick reference, try our 2017-2018 PDF icon Faculty Research Interest Summary):

Faculty Lab/Research Director (link to Faculty Profile)Lab Name or Research area
Eric AllardAging, Cognition, and Emotion Laboratory (ACE Lab)
C.C. BowenPsychological Applications in the Workplace (PAW Lab)
Patrick FratoAchievement Gap, Bilingual Evaluation, Retention, Response to Intervention
Liz GoncyHEART Lab:  HEAlthy RelaTionships

Mike Horvath

Horvath Organizational Psychology Research (HOPR) Laboratory
Rob HurleyNeurocognitive Systems Laboratory
Kathie JudgeDementia and Family Caregiving Research
Conor McLennanLanguage Research Laboratory
Colleen McMahonSchool psychology, applied behavior analysis, school-based interventions
Kathy McNamaraSchool-based Service Models and Professional School Psychology
Shereen NaserThe Cleveland Child and Adolescent Research in Education (C.A.R.E.) Lab
Amir Poreh

Neuropsychology and Memory Assessment Laboratory

Andrew SlifkinAction Laboratory
Albert Smith 
Kenneth VailSocial Psychology & Existential Attitudes Research (SPEAR) Lab
Ilya YaroslavskyMood and Emotion Regulation Laboratory (MER Lab)

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