Pre-Professional Health Programs

Current Pre-Professional Students

If you are a current student, please see link for a copy of the Spring 2020 Calendar of Events!

After you are registered and enrolled in your first semester at Cleveland State, you continue building a relationship with the team of advisors assigned to you. Who is My Advisor describes who your advisors are. You should meet regularly with your advisors. During your advising appointment your advisor will discuss courses you’re taking, courses that you need to take and plans you have for professional school admission. 

Making the Most of your Pre-Professional Advising Appointment

  • Make an appointment with either Megan Carbone (Prospective Undergraduate students and students with 0-60 college credits), Coordinator for Pre-Professional Health Programs, or Brittany Wampler (Prospective and current Post Baccalaureate students and undergraduate students with 60+ credits), Coordinator for Pre-Professional Health Programs through Starfish or by calling the College of Sciences and Health Professions at 216-687-9321.
  • Prepare for the advising appointment:
    • Assess where you are currently with your GPA and GPA goals and your experiences.
    • There is no set agenda for a meeting with Pre-Professional Health Programs. Other than the first meeting, it is up to you to decide when to come in, what to discuss, and make sure that you have an understanding of your pre-professional program.
    • Prepare a list of questions to ask the coordinator and also be prepared to answer some questions about your goals and your academic progress.
  • Please be on time for your appointment, and call in advance if you are unable to keep your appointment.

Where to Look for More Information

  • Students should be looking throughout this website to learn more about their pre-professional category.
  • Students should look for upcoming events, meetings, and workshops that would allow them to learn more about their pre-professional category and planning for the future. The current calendar of events is under the Calendar of Events & Handouts page. 
  • Additionally, all pre-professional health careers have professional organizations and there is plenty of information available to you online.