In collaboration with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF), the Physics Department at Cleveland State University (CSU) offers two training programs in medical physics:

MS in Physics with Medical Physics Specialization

Graduate Certificate in Medical Physics

Both programs have received accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Medical Physics Education Programs (CAMPEP) through December 2019:

Medical physicists are highly skilled specialists who apply the concepts and methods of physics to the diagnosis and treatment of human disease. Among other duties, they test the performance of medical imaging devices and help deliver radiation therapy to cancer patients. To prepare individuals for a successful career in medical physics, the programs offer classroom courses in medical radiation physics, radiation therapy physics, medical imaging physics, radiation safety, radiation biology, and the supporting subjects of biophysics, computational physics, image processing, and electronics (with labs). In addition, students perform clinical observation and research projects under the supervision of board-certified medical physicists at the Cleveland Clinic. The goal of the clinical observation is to expose the students to the actual clinical environment, its complexity, and its diversity. Training is provided on ethical behavior, patient safety, as well as effective communication. The goal of the research project is to expose the students to the frontier topics of medical physics and to develop their competency in using basic research methodology to solve clinical problems.

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MS in Physics with Medical Physics Specialization

Graduate Certificate in Medical Physics

Medical Physics Faculty