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PLAAY on the Move with GoBabyGo at Cleveland State is promoting mobility in young children through a unique multidisciplinary project housed in the new Center for Innovation in Medical Professions. Together with families and researchers around the world, CSU faculty and students are developing low-cost, high-impact technologies ranging from battery-powered, ride-on cars for infants to hands-free harness systems for children and adults.

Independent mobility is critical to development, especially from 6 months to 3 years of age when typically developing children move toward their interests, learn from their environment and form important neurological pathways. However, 6% to 9% of children have impairments that restrict mobility. By reducing the barriers to independence through assistive technologies, CSU clinicians can augment physical capabilities and optimize participation in play or leisure activities for age-appropriate development.


PLAAY on the Move

Where children of all abilities come to play in Cleveland!


CSU faculty and community partners utilize low-cost technologies to help minimize barriers that once limited a child’s participation:

  • promotes independence and access for young children with mobility and sensory impairments in the community;
  • provides a play/leisure experience while facilitating fun, freedom, fulfillment, and friendship for children of all ability levels;
  • exposes children of all ability levels to new, engaging, and enriching activities in the community;
  • offers movement and sensory experiences while encouraging children to think and socialize with friends!


April Showers Brings May DRIVERS

GBG Project

GoBabyGo at Cleveland State wants to THANK Engineering and Design Honors Program Coordinator Robert E. Zdankiewicz and Engineering and Science Teacher Bryce Ormiston and their students at Saint Joseph Academy in Rocky River for modifying a battery-powered ride-on car and giving another child here in Northeast Ohio a way to get moving! 



Community EVENTS

Please visit our calendar of events page to sign up for future events:




Children's Museum of Cleveland
3813 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44115

Zoo PicCleveland Metroparks Zoo
3900 Wildlife Way, Cleveland, OH 44109


IM Building

CSU Center for Innovation in Medical Professions
2112 Euclid Avenue, IM #105, Cleveland, OH  44115



Cleveland Botanical Garden
11030 East Boulevard

Cleveland, OH  44106


Join Us!

GoBabyGo offers a wide variety of opportunities for students, alumni, therapists, researchers, families and community organizations
  • Partners across Northeast Ohio put children with motor and sensory impairments in the driver's seat for social experiences and enrichment activities outside of home or school. 
  • Volunteers work with the CSU team to build racecars, tracks and harnesses tailored to each child’s therapeutic goals and fulfill the universal need for independence, exploration and play. 
  • Sponsors help ensure any family can access these resources, participate in CSU programs and benefit from our services - regardless of income or ability. 
Contact Dr. Madalynn Wendland to learn more
about one-time activities and long-term projects for individuals or groups at all skill levels.


Support Go Baby Go!

You can help support GoBabyGo at Cleveland State through a gift to CSU Foundation. Every dollar of your contribution goes directly to helping children move toward the finish line:
Racing Fan
Racing Fan ($25): Your donation as a Racing Fan provides racers with a fun activity when they visit the GoBabyGo Lab and track to practice driving their modified ride-on car and walking in our hands-free harness system!   
BroadcasterRacing Broadcaster ($50): Your donation as a Racing Broadcaster provides racers with one hour of track time in the GoBabyGo Lab to practice their driving skills and walking in our hands-free harness system!
FlagmanFlagman ($75): Your donation as a Flagman supports a one-hour group session in the GoBabyGo Lab to practice driving skills and walking in our harness system while building friendships with fellow racers!
Pit CrewPitCrew ($100): Your donation as the Pit Crew will purchase additional supports to help one racer sit independently in a modified ride-on car or adapt a harness to walk hands free.
Pit Crew CoachPit Crew Coach ($500): Your donation as the Pit Crew Coach allows the GoBabyGo team to complete the basic sitting, steering and driving modifications to a ride-on car for one racer!
Head MechanicHead Mechanic ($1000): Your donation as the Head Mechanic allows the GoBabyGo team to complete the modifications to TWO ride-on cars along with a pass for a private tour of the GoBabyGo Lab and track. 
Crew ChiefCrew Chief ($5000): Your donation as the Crew Chief allows the GoBabyGo team to complete the modifications to TEN ride-on cars at Cleveland State or a location of your choosing. 
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CSU Donate Today

Giving to GoBabyGo is easy!
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Write-in: "GoBabyGo"
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c/o GoBabyGo Advancement
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Contact Us:
You can help by sponsoring a race car for a child with special needs
or contributing to our research, education and community service programs: or 216.802.3190


Visit the GoBabyGo Lab

Center for Innovation in Medical Professions
Cleveland State University 
2112 Euclid Avenue, IM 105 
Cleveland, OH  44115