Horvath Organizational Psychology Research (HOPR) Laboratory


The HOPR Lab includes many undergraduate and graduate students. However, this is a very new page and we're still collecting information. Be sure to check back here soon for more!


Michael Horvath

Picture of Dr. Horvath

Graduate student researchers

Xiang Li

Xiang Li​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Expected Graduation - May 2023
  • BA in Business Administration, Hebei University, China
  • Research Interests: Employee Engagement
  • Career Plans: HR Analytics and Statistics

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Jason Ritchie

  • Expected Graduation: 2022
  • BA in Psychology, Kent State University
  • Research Interests: Applicant attraction, motivation, and job engagement
  • Career Plans: Consulting

Laurel Slawinski

Picture of Laurel Slawinski

  • Expected Graduation: 2023
  • BA in Psychology, Cleveland State University
  • Research Interests: Work-nonwork conflict; employee satisfaction; training & development
  • Career Plans: HR / Training & development

Jacob Watson

Jacob Watson picture

  • Expected Graduation: 2021
  • Bachelor's degree from Ball State University in Psychology (minor: History)
  • Research Interests: Selection procedures; applicant reactions
  • Career plans: Consulting / PhD

undergraduate student researchers

Jennifer Blair

  • Majors: Psychology and Criminology 
  • Minor: Sociology 
  • Expected Graduation: May 2022 
  • Research Interests: Emotions, Motivation, Forensics, Race/Class/Gender  
  • Career Plans: Graduate School (TBD)
  • Personal Interests: Nature, Travel, Music 

​​​​​​Dawn Diamond

  • Major: Psychology
  • Minor: Criminal justice & Communication 
  • Research Interests: Substance abuse, relationships, abuse within various types of relationships 
  • Career Plans: Licensed professional counselor 

Lab alumni

Ashley Moroney

  • MA, Industrial-Organizational Research Psychology, Cleveland State University, May 2021
    • Thesis: Two Paths to Commitment: A Moderated Mediation Model
  • BS in Psychology, Arizona State University
  • Research interests: DEI in public sector workplaces
  • Current Position: Human Capital Consultant for Government & Public Sector Services, Deloitte
  • Current Location: Charlotte, NC
  • Ashley's LinkedIn Profile
  • Favorite CSU Memory: Lunch breaks in the Grad Lounge - it was a great chance to get to know my cohort and people from other programs, and it was a great time to support each other through the learning processes. ​​​​​​​