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STEM Peer Teachers (SPTs)

STEM Peer Teachers (SPTs) work with the Intensive Precalculus (MTH 165), Precalculus I (Algebra - MTH 167) and Precalculus II (Trigonometry-MTH 168) and/or Calculus I and II (MTH 181 & 182 respectively) professors to instruct, mentor and assist CSU students during their SPT sessions.

The primary goal of the STEM Peer Teacher is to help increase students’ interests, abilities and confidence so that they can excel in their respective math classes within the Precalculus to Calculus II sequence.

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The STEM Peer Teachers engage in 14 - 21 hours of professional development prior to the start of each semester in order to prepare materials for the SPT sessions, learn how to teach math effectively, manage a classroom and challenging students, etc., (see all topics below). The sessions are designed and led by CSU faculty, staff, graduate students and veteran SPTs.Topics include:

  1. What to Say and Not to Say While Working on Math Problems with Jason Stone
  2. How to Respond to All Types of Students' Answers
  3. Strategies for Studying Math
  4. Effective Classroom Instruction
  5. Peer Mentoring
  6. Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) Training 
  7. Safe Space LGBTQI Training
  8. Review of the SPT Code of Conduct
  9. Review of the SPT Employee Manual