Operation STEM

Operation STEM

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Operation STEM targets primarily first-generation, underrepresented STEM majors and provides them with a 2-week Summer Institute to help establish a community of peers.

In addition, each semester STEM Peer Teachers (SPTs) provide the Scholars and fellow students three (3) weekly, 50-minute mandatory supplemental learning sessions known as SPT sessions in the Precalculus and Calculus courses.

OPSTEM Scholars also receive mentoring and individualized attention needed to help ensure successful completion of their STEM degree. Watch the video below to learn more.


Operation STEM CSU Cleveland

Summer Institute 2019 OpSTEM CSU


The program components:

Goal of Operation STEM

Increase the number of students to successfully complete the Precalculus I to Calculus II sequence and graduate with a STEM degree.


Eligibility Requirements
​Fall 2020 Program Staff


Engineering Students: 
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