Occupational Therapy


 Occupational Therapy

Graduate Assistantships 

Limited graduate assistantships (GA) are available through the OT Program for second year students (fall and spring semesters only). Students will apply for these positions during their second semester and will be selected based on first semester GPA, skills for available positions, and financial need. GA positions require 10 hours of work per week in exchange for an hourly stipend.  

GA positions are available in other departments, and students are encouraged to investigate opportunities within the university community. More information is available at  https://www.csuohio.edu/graduate-studies/current-students/graduate-and-teaching-assistantships


The OT Program encourages students to investigate available scholarships and grants to support tuition, books, living, and fieldwork related costs.  This CSU webpage regarding Scholarships may provide students with a good starting point.  We have also provided students with a list of additional scholarship resources:

External Scholarships