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WOIO: Adaptive toys, equipment helping special needs children gain independence

The gift of independence: GoBabyGo!

GoBabyGo Cleveland is promoting mobility in young children through a unique multidisciplinary project housed in Cleveland State's new Center for Innovation in Medical Professions. Together with GoBabyGo families and researchers around the world, the School of Health Sciences and Washkewicz College of Engineering faculty, students and community partners are developing low-cost, high-impact technologies ranging from battery-powered, ride-on cars for infants to hands-free harness systems for older children and adults.

But this time of year, the real pay off is on four wheels. The program takes off-the-shelf power wheels and adapts them with bigger buttons - on the steering wheel, head, or arm rest - specifically tailored to the special child who will ride it. GoBabyGo director, Madalynne Wendland, Assistant Clinical Professor in Physical Therapy says these tools give kids independence. "It really allows the child to explore, which promotes all other areas of development," Wendland said. 

The cars are built during workshops held at Cleveland State and run about $250 to buy. Contributions help ensure any family can access GoBabyGo resources, participate in CSU's community service programs, and benefit from the College of Sciences and Health Profession's therapeutic services, regardless of income or ability. To make a tax-deductible donation, please visit CSU Foundation, choose: Gift "Other" and write in: "GoBabyGo."

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