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Join Language Research Lab for taping event

Dr. Fernanda Ferreira taping info

Please join us for "Errors in Language Processing", presented by Dr. Fernanda Ferreira on Friday 2/19 at 1pm in RT 813.

Dr. Fernanda Ferreira is a psychology professor at UC Davis. Professor Ferreira’s area of research is psycholinguistics. She is the director of the Psycholinguistics Lab at the Center for Mind & Brain. She uses basic insights from formal linguistics, especially theories in sentence phonology and syntax, to develop models of processing. Her empirical work relies both on behavioral and neural measures, including eyetracking (for measurement of fixations, saccades and pupil diameter) and the recording of event-related potentials (ERPs). The fundamental aim of her research is to uncover the mechanisms that enable humans to understand and generate language in real time and in cooperation with other cognitive systems.

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