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Dr. Goncy and Dr. Naser collaborate with Dr. Fuller and Dr. Clonan-Roy to win a Multi-College Interdisciplinary Research Grant exploring how gender minority youth access health information

<p>Dr. Goncy and Dr. Naser from Psychology worked alongside Dr. Fuller and Dr. Clonan-Roy to develop a research project targeted at better understanding health information access for gender minority youth. Ohio is one of two states in the U.S. that lack any health education standards. A lack of health education, including sexual health information, is troublesome for all students but especially for gender minority youth who experience higher health disparities, and barriers to health including discrimination, bullying and harassment. The MIRP grant will help this team build a better understanding of where gender minority youth receive health and sexual health information, to better support inclusive health programming for these youth. Their project is also featured in the latest issue of CSU's Research Newsletter