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CSU undergraduate women in physics make a strong showing at CUWiP 2018

CUWiP 2018-2
Three CSU physics majors attended the American Physical Society's 2018 Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP): Aubrey Lockey, Samantha Tietjen, and Ngozi Williams. They were joined by participants from the National Science Foundation's REU @ CSU: Soft Matter Physics Samantha Hudson (Hiram College) and Jacqueline Matz (Duquesne University).
The CSU women in physics presented results of three original research projects conducted as part of the REU @ CSU: Soft Matter Physics and CSU’s Undergraduate Summer Research Award Program:
  1. “Using a Staggered Herringbone Microfluidic Mixer to Synthesize Gold Nanoparticles”, Jacqueline Matz, Chandra Kothapalli, Brian Hama (REU Project)
  2. “Studying the Volume Phase Transition of Polymeric Microgels”, Samantha Hudson, Samantha Tietjen, Kiril Streletzky (REU/USRA project)
  3. “Synthesis Optimization and Characterization of Polymeric Microgels”, Samantha Tietjen, Samantha Hudson, Kiril Streletzky (USRA/REU project)
Samantha Tietjen won the First Place award for her poster presentation in the competition of some 35 women in physics at top schools in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, and western Pennsylvania. The annual three-day APS conference was held at the University of Toledo, January 2018. 
Congratulations to Samantha and thanks to all for representing CSU at the CUWiP 2018!