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CSU students recognized at PhysCon

Two COSHP Physics majors - Dan Terrano and Ilona Tsuper - were recognized for outstanding achievement at PhysCon: The 2016 Quadrennial Physics Congress among more than 350 of their peers. 
Team CSU @ PhysCon
PhysCon is the largest conference of physics undergraduates in the world, organized by the Sigma Pi Sigma and Society of Physics Students (SPS). This year’s conference in San Francisco brought together more than 1200 students and professionals at the forefront of physics: prominent scientists, Nobel Laureates, heads of national laboratories, and members of the American Institute of Physics. The three-day event featured frontier physics, interactive workshops, poster presentations, awards and networking. 
Team CSU enjoyed an awe-inspiring tour of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), the US Department of Energy National Laboratory which built the world’s longest particle accelerator, discovered some of the fundamental building blocks of matter and created the first website in North America. Another conference highlight was meeting Plenary Speakers, including Jacelyn Bell Burnell (discoverer of pulsars), Eric Cornell (2001 Nobel Laureate), S. James Gates (Science Advisor to President Obama) and Persis Drell (Stanford Dean of Engineering). 
Five of the seven poster presentations by CSU students were supported by the Undergraduate Summer Research Award Program
  1. A. Dobrila, Optimizing Dynamic Light Scattering for the Analysis of Anisotropic Nano-particles (Faculty Adviser: K. Streletzky).
  2. J. Flaherty, Stochastic Modeling of Optically Trapped Cilium (Faculty Adviser: A. Resnick).
  3. C. Gunder, Correlating Wet-Sample Electron Microscopy with Light Scattering Spectroscopy on the Example of Polymeric Microgels (Faculty Advisers: P. Fodor and K Streletzky).
  4. W. Myers, Elimination of Acoustical Noise from STM Examination of Organic Molecule Crystallization on Surface Reconstructions (Faculty Adviser: J. Bickel).
  5. A. Smith, Real-Time Monitoring of Prostate Radiation Therapy with Ultrasound (Faculty Adviser: A. Godley).
  6. D. Terrano, Light Scattering Study of Mixed Micelles Made from Elastin-Like Polypeptide Linear Chains and Trimers (Faculty Advisers: K. Streletzky and N. Holland).
  7. I. Tsuper, Light Scattering Characterization of Elastin-Like Trimer Micelles (Faculty Advisers: K. Streletzky and N. Holland).
Three members of the CSU delegation - S. Tietjen, D. Adams and C. Tolbert - received SPS National Reporter Awards ($600) and wrote about SLAC for national SPS. In addition, four CSU students received SPS National Travel Awards ($200). All participants worked hard to secure additional travel funds and are grateful for the support of David Spelic, Michael Centanni, Edward Lee Clouser Jr. and Jearl Walker, as well as the assistance of CSU Foundation, CSU’s Graduate College, COSHP and the Physics Department.
Students were accompanied by COSHP’s Associate Professor of Physics, Kiril A. Streletzky, PhD who has served as the Faculty Advisor to the CSU chapter of SPS since 2005. In this capacity, Dr. S actively promotes physics undergraduate education via engaged teaching, undergraduate research, personal mentoring and student outreach activities. He will direct CSU’s REU in Soft Matter Physics, which has been recommended for NSF funding beginning in summer 2017.