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CSU Physics Students Present at National APS Event

Below is an update on the success of CSU students/alumni at the 2019 American Physical Society (APS) March Meeting that was held on March 4th-8th in Boston, MA. (Please note: APS March Meeting is a largest and primary annual meeting of the physics community in the US).


CSU related highlights of the meeting included:

  1. Three CSU physics majors (Adamczyk, Praljak, Tietjen), two Physics BS Honors CSU alumni (Clark ’18 and Dee’ 14), Troy University student who attended CSU’s 2018 REU (Naquin), and two CSU physics professors (Kaufman, Streletzky), delivered 9 presentations at the March Meeting (a total of 4 talks and 5 posters).
  2. Joshua Clark, a very recent graduate of the CSU’s BS Honors in Physics program (Dec 2018) won the top prize at the undergraduate poster session for presenting his research project that was advised by Drs. Fodor and Kothapalli and supported by 2017 USRA and 2018 CSU's REU programs. His poster was titled:
    • “Optimization of Serpentine Micromixers with Non-Rectangular Cross-Sections”, Joshua Clark, Petru S Fodor, Chandrasekhar Kothapalli
  3. Samantha Tietjen presented a poster based on the research project advised by Dr. Streletzky and completed with support of CSU’s 2018 USRA program and 2018 Undergraduate Research Award:
    • “The Dynamics of Polymeric Microgels with Varying Crosslinker Concentration”, Samantha Tietjen, Jacob Adamczyk, Kiril A Streletzky
  4. The research achievements of the NSF-funded CSU’s REU site “Synthesis, Assembly and Characterization of Soft Matter” were presented by four 2018 REU students: Jacob Adamczyk (advised by Drs. Kaufman and Streletzky), Joshua Clark (advised by Drs. Fodor and Kothapalli), Ty Naquin (advised by Drs. Holland and Streletzky), and Niksa Praljak (advised by Dr. Resnick). Below are the poster titles:
    • “Phase Transitions in Polymeric Gels Induced by Crosslinking Entropy”, Jacob Adamczyk, Miron Kaufman, Kiril Streletzky (poster)
    • “Optimization of Serpentine Micromixers with Non-Rectangular Cross-Sections”, Joshua Clark, Petru S Fodor, Chandrasekhar Kothapalli (poster)
    • “Protein-Based Drug Delivery Nanoparticles”, Ty Naquin, Kiril A Streletzky, Nolan B Holland (oral presentation)
    • “Pulsatile Flow Through Multi-Coupled Idealized Renal Tubules: Fluid-Structure Interaction and Dynamics Pathologies”, Niksa Praljak, Andrew H Resnick (poster)
  5. CSU alum Phil Dee (CSU’s BS Honors Physics 2014, now a physics PhD candidate at the University of Tennessee), in addition to delivering an oral presentation on quantum Monte Carlo studies, met with CSU students at the CSU reunion dinner to learn about student research and advise them on possible careers after graduation.
  6. Dr. Streletzky presented the research project that was started by another CSU Physics alum, Krista Freeman (BS Honors Physics 2011, PhD in Physics Carnegie Mellon 2017, now a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Pittsburgh) and presently continued by CSU undergraduate Jacob Adamczyk:
    • “Towards Optimizing Synthesis Temperature for Microgels with Large Degree of Deswelling”, Kiril Streletzky, Krista Freeman, Jacob Adamczyk 

 It was a great pleasure to experience the presence of the CSU spirit at this primary meeting of the physics community. I hope that this tradition of great representation of the CSU Physics program at the APS March Meetings will continue for many years to come.