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2019 Spice Drive Campaign

Thanks to all of you who so kindly contributed to our second annual “Spice Drive”! It was amazing how everyone sprang into action!

For the second year in a row, CSU's two biggest colleges went head to head, to see who could collect the most spices, salts, peppers, vinegar and oils for Lift Up Vikes! Resource Center & Food Pantry.

Last year, COSHP won handily. But this year, THIS YEAR…CLASS snuck by us and grabbed the trophy back, bringing in 557 items to COSHP’s 324. Nonetheless, the food pantry is richer by almost 900 items!

Here are some fun photos -

Please consider helping the pantry to meet an increasing demand by hosting a drive or making a donation. You can contact Lift Up Vikes! at

Thanks again! And our students thank you profusely!