School of Health Sciences

Our Fellows

Read below for a look at some of our current Fellows!


Jada Lewis

Standing: Sophomore

High School: MC2 Stem

Major: Speech and Hearing, Pre-Medicine

Career goals: To become a neurosurgeon.

What would you do even if you didn’t get paid to do it? Why? I would pursue a career in medicine even if i were not paid. My goal is to create advancements that would change the prevention, treatment, and diagnosis of individuals who have suffered strokes.



Laura Davis

Standing: Sophomore

High School: Bristol High School

Major: Biology, Pre-Medicine

Career Goals: To become a sports physician.

What inspires you? Why? The idea of medicine inspires me. There’s so much that you can discover with medicine that it blows my mind. Also, knowing that I can help people inspires me to become the best doctor I can be, full of passion and drive.