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Allensworth-Davies, Don; Associate Professor

Mathew, Sam; Sr College Lecturer 
Crawley, Manuella; College Lecturer Pesek, Todd; Associate Professor
DeMarco, Joanna; Program Director, BSHS, MSHS; Associate Lecture Sahley, Tony; Professor
Hammonds, Mike; Asscoiate Professor Su, Anne; Associate Professor
Lammers, Andrew; Associate Professor Walsh, Colleen; Assistant Professor


Flowers, Martha; Administrative Secretary I

Don Allenworth-Davies, PhD, MSc, CPH

Don Allensworth-Davies
Don Allensworth-Davies is an Associate Professor with the School of Health Sciences at Cleveland State University and CSU Program Coordinator for the Consortium of Eastern Ohio Master’s in Public Health Program.  He holds an MSc in Epidemiology and a PhD in Health Services Research from the Boston University School of Public Health and is Certified in Public Health by the National Board of Public Health Examiners.  Don's research interests include health disparities among LGBT elders and GBT prostate cancer survivors.

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Dr. Manuella Crawley, PhD, CHES

Manuella C
Dr. Crawley is a College Lecturer at Cleveland State University. She graduated from Kent State University with a PhD in Health Education and Health Promotion. Her previous degrees include a Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology, a Masters in Education in exercise science and a Masters in Education in Health education and Health Promotion. This unique academic background is the basis for research interests in childhood obesity, social support, physical activity, dietary behaviors and academic achievement among school aged children, adolescents and young adults as well as health coaching. 

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Dr. Joanna DeMarco, DHSc, CHES

Joanna D
Dr. DeMarco is an Associate Lecturer, Program Director and Faculty Advisor for the Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences and the Masters of Science in Health Sciences programs. Her research interests include health literacy, interprofessional education and the development of adaptive lacrosse programs. Her diverse background in health care has allowed her to bring many new programs and opportunities to the Health Sciences major. Students interested in these areas are welcome to reach out to inquire about opportunities to participate.

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Dr. Mike Hammonds, PhD

Michael H.
Associate Professor Hammonds (Neurosciences) currently investigates how rodent auditory systems are affected by the stress of brainstem stimulation (electrophysiology) leading to increases in corticosterone (molecular biology).  A long-term goal is to measure dynorphin release in the cochlea after stress followed by remediation. Other techniques include animal handling, anesthetic dosing and administration, stereotaxic neurosurgery, tissue fixation through cardiac perfusion, brain removal and histology.  The availability of hands-on and scholarly research opportunities with Dr. Hammonds varies over projects and semesters; he is happy to talk with potential student collaborators.

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Dr. Andrew Lammers, PhD

Andy L
Dr. Andrew Lammers received his PhD from Ohio University in 2004, and was then hired at CSU in the Health Sciences department (now school). He teaches human gross anatomy, physiology, and research and writing. His research interests are widespread, studying biomechanics of locomotion in quadrupedal mammals as well as humans. More recently, he began studying the biomechanics and neural control of feeding and swallowing.

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Dr. Sam Mathew, M.D., MS

Sam M
Dr. Sam Mathew, a physician, received his Doctoral degree (1980) from Stanley Medical College, India. He also did the post-doctoral MD program in Pharmacology at Madras Medical College (1983-86) and MSHS (2007) at CSU. He practiced Family Medicine for 25 years and currently teaches in the BSHS & MSHS Programs of Health Sciences. He was the PA Program Coordinator, Spl. Asst. to Dean for MD Program, and Member, Health Improvement Partnership-Cuyahoga. His research interest is in 'Services in post-secondary education for students with disabilities'.

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Dr. Todd J. Pesek, M.D.

Todd Pesek
Dr. Pesek is a holistic physician, medical advisor, published scholar, professor, and author who specializes in disease prevention and reversal toward longevity and vital living.  Dr. Todd received his medical doctorate from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio, and completed his training in Medicine at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine, St. Vincent Charity Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio.

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Dr. Tony Sahley, PhD, CCC-A

Tony S
Tony L. Sahley, Ph.D., CCC-A is currently a Professor of Audiology and Auditory Neuroscience in the School of Health Sciences at Cleveland State University, where he teaches Neuroscience and Medical Physiology. He wrote two books: Efferent Auditory System: Structure & Function and Basic Fundamentals in Hearing Science, both with co-author/colleague Dr. F.E. Musiek. He is currently investigating the potential interactive role of opioid dynorphins with specific inflammatory chemical messengers of the immune system, often associated with noise-induced hearing loss.

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Dr. Anne Su, PhD

Anne Su
Dr. Su’s multidisciplinary background and interests involve the integration of research from engineering (human and animal gait mechanics, joint and tissue biomechanics), the health sciences (anatomy, radiology), anthropology, and paleontology.   In particular, Dr. Su’s research focuses on musculoskeletal biomechanics, functional morphology, and human skeletal evolution.

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Dr. Colleen Walsh, PhD

Colleen W
Dr. Walsh received her Ph.D. in Anthropology from Case Western Reserve University. As a medical anthropologist focused on urban health, she conducts mixed methods and ethnographic research on the ways in which urban environments impact health and well-being. She is interested in using research on the social determinants of health to tackle health inequities. Prior to joining CSU, she served as Research Associate at the Prevention Research Center for Healthy Neighborhoods in the CWRU School of Medicine. 

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Mrs. Martha Flowers, M.Ed.

Martha B