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Gerontological Studies


Welcome to gerontology and the dynamic field of aging! Through its Gerontological Studies Program, Cleveland State University affords students a variety of opportunities to study aging and to prepare for careers in the growing field of gerontology. Aging is one of the basic aspects of life and few areas offer more career opportunities than the field of aging.  These range from careers in health and human service organizations to business, financial, legal, administrative, and professional careers in almost all fields. 

With the growth of the aging population and the anticipated effects of the "baby boomer generation" on the structure and functioning of society, careers in gerontology are among the most promising in American society.  Also, with the aging of populations on a world-wide basis, the need for well-prepared professionals is becoming even more evident.  At Cleveland State University, we have designed graduate and undergraduate courses and programs of study for a wide array of students interests and we are constantly exploring new possibilities.  

Students from all disciplines and professional fields are invited to explore aging and to take the minor or certificate whether their focus is in fields of nursing, psychology, social work, philosophy, liberal studies, education, history, business, literature or the natural sciences.  We also offer a graduate certificate which can be taken as part of a graduate degree program or on a non-degree basis.

Program Mission
The Gerontology Certificate Program is designed to provide a multidisciplinary education for future and current professionals in gerontology. Creative and engaging activities are provided for students to gain exposure to specialized expertise in gerontological theory, research, clinicalpractice, social policy issues, and the process of aging in a global and culturally diverse society. This expertise prepares students for a wide range of service and engagement in gerontology, including direct community and social services, program administration, mental health practice, government services, higher education, long-term care, and health and wellness both within the urban and suburban settings.

For more information, please contact :

Undergraduate Certificate in Gerontological Studies
Ms. Martha Burt
Advisor of Undergraduate Certificate in Gerontological Studies 
Phone: 216.687.3744
Location: IM 336
Department: Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences Program

Graduate Certificate in Gerontological Studies
Dr. Mary Milidonis
Director of Graduate Certificate in Gerontological Studies 
Phone: 216.687.2447
Location: HS 111
Department: Masters of Science in Health Sciences Program