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Adaptive Living Lab

The Adaptive Technology Lab, located on the first floor (RT 103), is designed to serve students with special needs. Its six computers are equipped with large monitors, DVD drive, CD-RW drives, zip drives, flatbed scanners, and easily accessible microphone and headphone jacks.

The lab provides adaptive technology for students and faculty with visual, physical, or learning disabilities. Those with physical impairment will find adaptive keyboards including a mini-keyboard for students with limited movement, enlarged keyboards, and screen-displayed, hands-free keyboards that can be controlled by head-mounted devices.

For more information about this lab, visit the Adaptive Living page.

Gross Human Anatomy Lab

There are a total of eight cadavers in the lab, which is located on the ground floor of the science research building. Seven are worked on and studied the current semester and one is from the previous semester and is completely dissected.

The cadaver with the best dissection is kept for the following semester so that it can be referenced to, if needed.

For more information about this lab, visit the Anatomy Lab page.

Computer Labs

There are several computer facilities located throughout the College of Science. Health Sciences has 30 terminals available for student and instructional use.

For more information about this lab, visit the Computer Lab website.

Motion Analysis Lab

The Motion Analysis Lab was established in September 1998 when the Department moved into the newly constructed Health Sciences Building.

It currently contains a six-camera 3-dimensional motion analysis system from Motion Analysis Corporation that is synchronized with two-AMTI force plates and an eight-channel EMG unit. Analysis software includes Orthotrak (Motion Analysis Corporation's gait analysis program), Kintrak (Motion Analysis Corporation's generalizable motion analysis program), and Run Technology's EMG analysis software package.

For more information about this lab, visit the Motion Analysis page.

Speech & Hearing Clinic

The Cleveland State University Speech and Hearing Clinic is an on-campus clinic serving assessment and intervention needs for individuals (75+/week) across the life span with speech-language-cognitive-audiological concerns. 

All therapy and diagnostic services are provided by graduate students or upper level undergraduate students from the Department of Speech and Hearing.  All student work is directly supervised by a licensed and certified speech-language pathologist and/or audiologist.