Lab Renovation Project

Cleveland State University has received $750,000 in Ohio State capital appropriations for the purpose of renovating three instructional chemistry labs and an associated shared prep room totaling approximately 5,400 sq. ft. (approximately 1450 sq. ft. per lab) located on the third floor of the Sciences Building. The chemistry labs have received no significant renovation since the building was constructed in 1969. The physical layout of these labs is functionally obsolete, unattractive and visually obscured from corridors.

Aged equipment and furnishings are to be replaced with modern lab benches, furnishings, etc. to promote greater interactivity between faculty and students and in the lab process.  Re-design of the interior spaces is anticipated to add flexibility and added capability to the labs. The addition of fire-rated glass between the labs and corridor spaces are envisioned to provide visual access to the instructional activities to encourage more students to explore career options in CSU’s science programs.  Select corridors surrounding the labs are planned to receive architectural treatments (such as carpet and furnishings for small student lounge areas) to create a welcoming environment to display and promote CSU’s science programs. Additionally, an approximately 500 sq. ft. corridor-accessed student lounge space is planned to be created from existing interior space. Construction is currently scheduled to begin winter 2010.

New Freshman Teaching Lab
SI 340


New Student Lounge
Southwest Corner of Third Floor Science Building


3-D Rendering of Freshman Teaching Lab Complex
Third Floor Science Building

Pre-Renovation Conditions: