Forensic Chemistry Certificate

The Chemistry Department also offers a forensic chemistry certificate, which is available to all students (not just chemistry majors).  In order to qualify for the certificate, students need to take the following courses:

CHM 411*Instrumental Analysis3 cr hrs 
CHM 417Forensic Chemistry3 cr hrsNEW
CHM 455Biotechnology Techniques3 cr hrs 
SOC 250Intro. to Criminology3 cr hrs 
CHM 496Forensics Internship3 cr hrsNEW

*CHM 411, Instrumental Analysis, requires General Chemistry I and II (CHM 261 and 262) and Analytical Chemistry (CHM 311) as prerequisites.

CHM 496, Forensics Internship, is an off-campus experience in which students serve as interns in a forensics laboratory.  Arrangements for placement are made by the department chair and the chemistry undergraduate advisor.  For additional information, contact the Chemistry Department.