University and Community Teaching

  • Healing Across Cultures: Learning From Traditions colloquia and symposia
  • Development of innovative multidisciplinary courses and educational opportunities
  • Engaged learning programming
  • Culturally relative healthcare education


  • Diverse and committed collaborative network locally, nationally, and internationally
  • Applied ethnobotany and research in varied regions of the world
  • Traditional healing practice research in varied regions of the world
  • Ecological health and sustainable development research and programming globally
  • Traditional healing practices and secrets of long life of elders of diverse traditions
  • Ecological and environmental health research and initiatives
  • Culturally relative healthcare programming

Cornerstone Publication

Based on our work as detailed in our cornerstone paper, Healing Across Cultures: Learning From Traditions, we propose a holistic collaboration in developing mutually beneficial, cross-cultural education, scholarship and service programming combining modern medical knowledge and practice with the methods and wisdom of traditional healers, elders and cultural traditions around the world. This practice ensures continued viability of their ideals, propagation of traditional healing knowledge to both younger generations and an interested global audience, promotes cultural relativity and wellness provision, and develops fresh revenue for the preservation of our world's natural places and the deep cultural traditions therein.

To begin this collaboration we have begun the development of a series of Healing Across Cultures courses, colloquia, symposia, field experiences, and research programming which bring together nationally and internationally known scholars, complementary and alternative medicine practitioners, students, and traditional healers of rich and varied cultures to interact educationally in presentation, roundtable, and healing circle (i.e. small groups) formats.

The full citation of our cornerstone publication is Pesek, T, Helton, L, Nair, M. (06/2006). Healing Across Cultures: Learning from Traditions, EcoHealth, 3(2):114-118. The full length final version is available in PDF form by clicking the above Healing Across Cultures: Learning from Traditions link. The original publication is available at