Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Major Departmental Committees


Undergraduate Committee on Curriculum and Academic Standards (UCCAS)

Chair: Aaron Severson

Julie Wolin Environmental Science Program Director Environmental Science Advisor
Aaron Severson Biology Undergraduate Program Director
Shamone Gore Panter Biology Undergrad Advisor
Denny Sampson Biology Undergrad Advisor 
Barbara ModneyElected 2020
Emily Rauschert Re-Elected 2021
R. Jeffrey Dean Elected 2021


Graduate Committee on Curriculum and Academic Standards (GCCAS)

Chair: Dr. Bibo Li

Bibo LiGraduate Program Director
Christine S. MoravecCleveland Clinic Program Coordinator
William BaldwinElected Cleveland Clinic 2013
Trine JoergensenElected Cleveland Clinic 2013
Aaron SeversonRe-Elected 2020
Barsanjit Mazumder Re-Elected 2021
Kevin Mueller Re-Elected 2021